Maker Faire Atlanta 2014

My blog is turning into a photoblog….

Maker Faire is an assembly of people who create and let me tell you straight out it makes me smile and hope springs anew. It’s quite easy to be a pessimist now…about youth, money, race issues, morality…but at maker faire I saw parents walking with their kids, kids figuring out complicated puzzles on their own, older people talking with recent graduates, innovation, proper regard for the past, everyone mixing for the sake of intelligence.

It was really nice to see.

My sweetie is a huge proponent of virtual reality and has been for over a decade. So they asked him to have a booth at the maker faire to show off what the Oculus Rift was capable of. I was tagging along as help and I am glad I did. People were really pleased & surprised at the things VR can do now. Now there are hundreds more out there that have been exposed to it & they know that it has now caught up to how it was portrayed in movies 20 years ago. Already kids are looking forward to their first games and adults are noting the visuals are so immersive that they can see job training taking place with it and going to international meetings and virtually attending their favorite sports games.



We each took some time to go see the faire and it was really something. Saw MakerBots at every 4th or 5th booth most of them making something. There were blacksmiths, bikes made out of lazyboys, intricate woodworking that moved, electric motorcycles, tiny car races, old data cards, build your own racers, fabric looms, remote control everything. So much to see, touch, and experience here.


If you want to walk around with the wonder of a child at the things people create, or if you want to expand the world of your child this is the place to be. It’s totally free and I highly recommend it.

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JapanFest 2014

Went to Japanfest again this year and had a fun time. Saw several friends and acquaintances there too and even won a hat from one of those ball rotate lottery machines you see in anime occasionally. Most of what we bought was food which nearly all of it was rather tasty (gyoza was kinda tasteless and rubbery). Some friends got shaved ice and it was like…super creamy and tasty.  I don’t need to post a cavalcade of pictures because you can see what it’s like in last year’s collection of photos. But I will leave you with this…

The most Japanese picture of me that will ever be taken.


I have a kimono I made on and a festival mask. Dango in one hand and melonpan in the other.



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Seishuncon 2014

Scooted over to Seishun on Saturday night.

Hmm what can I say here. It was nice being able to walk around unfettered.

The con itself though…took a few steps back in terms some important things.  I’ve worked at that hotel for my job before and I had a feeling the layout was not any good for an anime con.

I’m not sure what happened to make them downgrade from such pretty hotels the previous years. What they ended up with was dingy and ill suited to what a con is supposed to offer. I also saw little to no engaging programming for the 4 hours I poked around looking for things to take pictures of. There were maybe 100-150 people milling around which sounds terribly low for a Saturday night.

Parking was also questionable. Anytime you have to pay to park when attending an anime con it’s not the best sign.
Here’s hoping they improve next year. I’ll be looking at what hotel they book before I decide if it’s worth a go.

Did meet a couple nice people, talked costume making which is always fun.


As always, if you’re in the picture please take it, it’s yours. Credit back would be nice.

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MomoCon 2014

Oh my how did I let all this time get away from me!  I can’t remember all the finer points of what happened after all this time but here are some highlights:

  • Got to room. Naked drunken guy who was high as a kite was moaning and humping our room door. We had to get a new room.
  • Wore my newly made SnK garrison costume
  • Had drinks with Nostalgia Critic
  • Attended both the SnK and Avatar photoshoots
  • Left early Sunday to work at a graduation party. Was still in garrison costume. Changed in the bathroom & no one batted an eye. Turns out some of the kids there were at Momocon earlier that day.

Now for pictures. I’ll post the regular photos then SnK and Avatar shoots below.


Attack on Titan Photoshoot – Saturday


Avatar TLAB and Korra photoshoot – Saturday


The usual on photos. If you see yourself, take it. It’s yours to use. Credit would be nice.
All pictures are edited and left in a large state. Feel free to edit them further. Never underestimate the power of the crop tool.  If you want the HUGE version contact me.

If you see one you want taken down just ask.  Click on the about page and you can contact me from there.

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Fourth of July 2014

Yes it’s late but I told myself I would catch up on posts.

We had a little get together with a couple friends and grilled up some goodies. After the sun set we finally got to use the last of some ginormous sparklers I got from a party.

You can also see me gradually adjusting the camera till I got good pics as this was my first time taking long exposure sparkler pics. :)


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Paramore and Fallout Boy

So last Saturday I was finishing up a job in a town that was too far away. On Star94 they said to text them for a chance at winning some Paramore tickets. Well, heck I can do that. Being the fastest caller is hard as hell but I can text a word.  I got a text back thanking me for entering and they would pick winners on Monday.

Lo and behold I won. Skitted on down to the radio station’s office to pick them up. My guy couldn’t go so I announced on my fb and twitter that I had a free ticket up for grabs. Well a good deal of my friends live out of state. Others couldn’t come for whatever reason. So I had a good 2 hrs of wtf, does anyone in my vicinity like me?  In walks Joy, a friend from AZA. We went to her wedding back in Feb. She was all about snapping up that ticket and in the process making me feel better.

Enough of the emotional wanking. This story is about to get AWESOME.

So we get there and my ticket is for the lawn area which is pretty far back but still affords some nice enough visuals and good sound. Paramore performed really well and we had a good time talking about them and other stuff.

Paramore finished their set and the sun had just faded out.  We were waiting for Fallout Boy’s set up to finish when a two men and a lady walked up and asked us if we were Fallout Boy fans. Joy answered for us and they gave us their tickets. We were all thankful and stuff and then come to find out they were given to us by HAYLEY WILLIAMS’ MOM (Paramore’s singer) HER FRICKIN MOM!!! (thank you Christie Williams)

We go to where the seats say and it’s right smack in the middle behind the sound booth.  Our new seats are choice!  -and- that isn’t even the end of this tale of cool.

The band comes out and we are having a good time when they change it up and they have a drum off between the lead singer and the cool tatted up drummer. While this is going on the venue is dimmed. You can only see them on stage.

Then….then the lights came back up.

Pete Wentz and the bass guitarist are IN the sound booth standing on a table with guitars in hand. We we less than 15ft away from them rocking out! They played Dance Dance. Look in the pictures. You can see them real close up.

We could not believe our luck. I spent like 10 secs with my hand just over my mouth.

Last night was great.


I took 139 pics. Culled those to the best 80 of the bunch.




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3D Printed Bracelet

I stumbled upon this neeto thing out of nowhere. I hadn’t heard of it anywhere so I thought I would make a post about it.

Everyone knows about 3D printing right? It’s slowly getting easier to come by with the relatively affordable Maker Bot. So we’re on the way to replicators in the same way the printing press was a revolutionary invention that spread information to the masses and gave voice to far more people.

One day we will be able to print items we need on our personal 3D printers the same way we print documents on our scanner/printers now.

There is a company that lets you do that now called ShapeWays. You can design things, gadgets, jewelry, toys, ect. and they will print them for you. You can get very creative and down right ingenious with designs.

Google paired up with ShapeWays to get girls into coding. One of their projects is a FREE 3D printed bracelet that you design. It’s simple but effective. You can make it say pretty much anything. I made one and it arrived a little after a week!



Go make one!

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Delta Museum

Earlier this month I got the chance to be on the main Delta campus. When I was done I took the opportunity to visit the museum there. It was decently interesting. It was separated into the Propeller Era and the Jet Era. I very much enjoyed the Prop Era side for the nostalgia. They had dinner trays, stewardess uniforms, videos from elderly people who were the first pilots and passengers. Riding in a plane was special and it was really neat seeing how threadbare things started. (seats used to be made of wicker to cut down on weight)

Cell phone pics:


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Taobao – the first order –

Last winter I got wind of a type of Chinese ebay where the clothing is different/cute and items are super cheap. I kept an eye on the types of orders people were putting in and I started to get jealous of all the cute stuff they were buying. I figured I would never get to enjoy the site because frankly it’s for Chinese people. They are much smaller than Americans and the girls I saw ordering were like 5’5 and 110 lbs. That is solidly not me. At least not me since I was 11.

Enter Plus Size Taobao. A tumblr that post all the cute things they find in bigger sizes. After seeing the site two things occurred to me:
1. Of course there are plus sized Chinese people. They exist.
2. China makes nearly all American clothing anyways. Of course they have our sizes.

There are also search listings in the Taobao spreadsheet that helps you find plus clothing but the site is huge so searching can be a bit tedious. Seeing a culled list of things people have found is easier.


Anyways onto the the interesting part. The items. I mainly went in because I fell in deep love with these cute little vintage looking purses.

This is my first order:
Had to make a couple adjustments with the Dark Blue jumper and the Sky blue shirt because of what the seller had available but I did ask for the scarf hat in white.

All in all it took maybe 2.5 weeks from placing my order to having it on my doorstep and I am super pleased with nearly all the items.

I am totally in love with both of my purses. They are too cute for words. I have already gotten a compliment on the green one. The shoes are adorable and I am busy breaking them in. The shirts are a little romantic with those pretty arm ruffles and the material is perfect for summer, very airy and light. The hat is going to be wonderful this winter. It’s huge and cuuuute. I have curly hair and it’s not going to give me hat hair cause of the size.
The jumper is the only thing I don’t like all that much. The proportions are very wonky so it fits weird. I am in the middle of modifying it in 8 places so it can at least look decent.

All in all, a successful first order.

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Ohco Fabric Haul – Spring 2014

Last fall I didn’t get anything at the biannual sale. This time I saw a few things that caught my eye.

The yellow vine I think I will make into a flirty skirt for summer.
Yellow dot will be pillows I’ll sell.
Green Maltelasse will be a hobbity type vest cause the fabric is too close to it not to be.
Green circles will be pillows I think.
I got like 11 yrds of that white and I haven’t any idea what to do with it but damn if it isn’t beautiful.
The big print with the oriental blue is gonna be a fantasy type coat I think. Something French inspired.

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