Momocon Life University Photoshoot 2015

Yup…here they are.
About 20 images from the finish line of editing 300+ photos I had a hard drive wipe. Because of that I did not feel like coming back to these for a while.  Thankfully there was a back up on my Google drive. The edits are still there for some of them. Some of them were backed up raw. So this time, you’re all just gonna get what you get. 😀

You are more than welcomed to edit them to your liking. If you are in the photo please take it. Credit would be nice.

Again Life U is a lovely location for photos. It’s so rustic and the lighting is so varied and interesting. I very much enjoy shooting there. Because of the wipe this isn’t a great showcase of my usual work and even then, because of the location, it still looks pretty decent.


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Osaka Swag

As you may know if you follow me on Twitter I went to Japan last month.  There is much I want to say on the subject that I will save for another post. The easiest thing to do first is a swag check. This will be the non-Sailor Moon items post as I want to go into detail about those…

It’s typical for Japanese travelers to bring back souvenirs for family and co-workers when they travel anywhere. Being that this was a special dream trip I also wanted to follow that tradition with picking up as much as my budget would allow. I also knew I wanted to keep an eye out for strange kitkats & beauty products.

Each item I got stayed on the couch as I acquired them throughout the week

Yay I got it all to fit in the spare suitcase.

Without further ado. Swag!
~ with commentary if you click on it~

That’s almost everything. I know I left a few things out like my Yuri On Ice coin purse I got out of necessity because there are SO MANY coins in Japan, some foaming face wash, a dog toy, and a couple sweets that I forgot to photograph before I gave them away.

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Coffee time onesie

Finished up another onesie a little bit ago and just now took some pics.  My love of a good cup of coffee is all over this one. I went in for the Black Friday fleece sale and got the fabric at 70% off so this was nice and affordable. Materials came to something just over $20 for both fabrics and zipper. An excellent deal to have my garments actually cover my long arms and legs properly.
This time I tried out a permanently attached flat hood with trim. The leopard print one I made has a detachable one. I wanted to see if I would like a hood that will keep my neck and head warm. I totally do!



This should be my last one as now I have a collection of 3 which is enough to rotate out for the winter. I like to wear a shirt and shorts under them so they can be worn a couple times between washings.

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