Cherry Blossom Fest 2014

Wonderful weather and a day off let me catch the tail end of the Conyers Cherry Blossom fest on Sunday.

I only stayed a little while to eat a little fair food, field test the camera,  and give a little money to the small craft businesses that have stalls there.

Here’s what I picked up: Ridiculously good smelling soap, some perfume oils, and a patch for my dad. (I plan on attaching it to a jacket and embroidering his name on it) Not pictured is a giant bloomin onion and a large lemonade which I devoured throughout the day.



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Headlight Deoxidation

You know how after a few years your car’s headlights get a dull milky yellow patina on them? Ours have been that way for at least 3 years or so and we had plans to fix it but totally forgot.
We recently had the car serviced and when I asked how much it would cost to clean the headlights they gave me a staggering quote of $200+ The other guy at the desk said it would be cheaper if I went online and just replaced them.

A couple days later while buying new wipers at the AutoZone I noticed a 3M headlight kit ($20) that I had seen online back when we were thinking of fixing them. So I got it and got to work.

The instructions were fairly simple. You start with coarse sandpaper and work your way to finer sandpaper and then finish off with a polish.


All in all it took me about 25 mins per headlight. Totally worth it. The beams show through SO much brighter now and the brights shine out far better than before making for a safer drive. If you have cloudy headlights take the time to fix them. It looks better, allows you to see better as well as have people see you better.

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Interactive Rant

A while ago I started thinking there might be a few too many social media/sharing places to belong to.
I have a coscom acct, facebook, twitter, deviantArt, poupee girl, CURE acct, Instagram and an etsy. All of which I check regularly. I am loathe to also get a tumblr or a pinterest page, or a FB fan page.

Recently I’ve been noticing a trend I don’t like though. Some regular person will start an account and post things. Then when people start replying/asking questions/admiring their post the person says NOTHING. They never reply to a single thing. I find it rude. It just screams “Look at me, LOOK at me, but I am too important to say anything to you once you look”

Social media is just that…social. If you don’t want to be social make a site where you’re not expected to interact.

Don’t be that guy/that girl people. Talk to your commentors. You don’t have to reply to everyone but toss them some of the same attention they are bestowing upon you. If you don’t people will take note and talk to you less which can have you miss out on some valuable info they otherwise would have shared or not mention you to anyone else because you presented yourself as self absorbed.

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Joy’s Valentine Wedding

Guess who’s a married woman now!

We traveled to Athens on Valentine’s Day. The weather had just cleared up too. Had it been a day before the roads would have been too icy to traverse.


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Ohco 2014 Spring

Had a full day out and about already before I hit up what is probably my favorite sale.

It was blessedly calm and quiet because it was a cold rainy Wednesday.  It was nice to be able to look as long as I liked and put down things to be able to come back to them again.


Last fall I didn’t get anything but this time there were a few pretty things that would do great for a Rivendell bedroom and there was a giant swath of beautiful white satin I just couldn’t leave there. Plus they had something I hadn’t seen before…fluff. I bought some of that too.


But first, pictures of some of the things I saw.

This one would be a beautiful Yukata because of the koi design and that blue and white are traditional yukata colors. I almost got it but blue does nothing for me.


A leathery fabic with a distinctive design. One of those fabrics you know you will need one day and of course you won’t be able to find anything like it. :)


A beautiful saffron yellow with slightly art deco swirls.


More pleather in a lovely ruddy brown.


This one I ended up getting. There was so much of it. Totally wedding dress material but I plan on dyeing it. More on that in the next post.


A neat looking geometric fabric.


A nice vinyl with a pillow embossed pattern. Would look nice as an accent on boots or a belt.


A lovely little busy vine pattern. I almost got this one.


The muppet section. If you need a buttload of fleecey goodness there you go.


The purple version of that kingly fabric I saw last time


More stately looking fabric. I have to say a renaissance costumer would have a field day in here.


Almost got this one for a fantasy vest I was thinking about doing. Looked a lot like what the pattern picture was using.


Pretty, it was quite heavy and embroidered everywhere.


Beautiful satin stripes. Man this one would make some outstanding Victorian wear.


Vibrant blue pleather in an animal pattern.


Lastly, thread for DAYS. A rug as tall as 3 of me and super cheap glasses. Who even knows why they have glasses.

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Sailor Moon Gashapon Locket Set

They are HERE! I ordered them in October of last year when they were announced for pre-order. They were released to the public on Jan 31 and finally sent off Feb 6th. It took 18 whole days to reach me (7 of those days were spent sitting in New York)

They arrived in a small unassuming box via Registered SAL and USPS. Once cracked open they are 5 pods wrapped in bubble wrap. There were even a couple little bonuses inside I will talk about at the end.

Time for the unboxing.


Now lets open them!
Each one comes further wrapped in taped plastic with a little booklet showing the others in the set. We’ll go in order of appearance.

変身・ブローチ Henshin Brooch

クリスタル・スター Crystal Star

コズミック・ハート・コンパクト Cosmic Heart Compact

クライシス・ムーン・コンパクト Crisis Moon Compact

ちびムーン・コンパクト Chibi Moon Compact


Each one is a total beauty and I love the small (and what I think is accurate) size. I don’t mind in the least that they don’t light up like the old ones. They each have real mirrors which is something you’d never see stateside. I hardly mind the plain yellow interior because it actually has the correct shapes inside and people out there are already customizing them to look flashy inside too.
When I get the chance I’ll pair them each up with the other items from the season they belong to.


Bonus: funny glasses that look even more ridiculous on me for obvious reasons. Tissues with cute artwork.


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Ice aplenty

I am so behind in my posts!

Atlanta got another storm this past week only this time the authorities paid attention and closed everything a day ahead. Which at first I thought was a smidge premature, but it allowed everyone a day to get the supplies they would need if they were trapped inside for a few days (which we were)

This time it was a dangerous but picturesque ice storm. First we got sleet followed by a cold rain that froze on every stationary thing outside. Last we got snow around 4 am.
We didn’t get above freezing for a day so the ice stuck around. When the 3rd day arrived and the afternoon temps hit 36 or so there was a giant unfreezing as the ice slid off the trees.


Pine Tree needle sicles TrashBin IMG_6545 Iced over Holly bush IMG_6540 IMG_6533The night snow

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Informal Class Reunion

Last Saturday I had Peter’s office annual holiday party on the schedule but about a week before that I was suddenly made aware of a gathering of Heritage High students from 1995-2005. I decided to drop by for an hour and then join Peter at his party later.

It was quite a little crush of people. I’d say maybe 100-130 people attended and I think I knew like 6 of them. But it was nice nonetheless to see how people had changed. Funny enough it was the men I had the most trouble identifying. Last time I saw any of them they were much shorter & couldn’t grow facial hair. The ladies looked pretty much the same. Still pretty, still very much like themselves.

I had a nice time for the hour I stayed, although it was super loud in there and hard to talk. Just as well anyways, it was the funny awkward talk you have with people you haven’t seen in 15 yrs. :) Because I knew so few people I didn’t take nearly as many pictures with the new camera as I should have. But I’m happy to know she performs pretty well in low lighting.

Afterwards I scooted out and made it to the other party to discover Peter had won $100 in the raffle. Makes me super glad I sent him on first.


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Review of Sailor Moon’s 20th Anniversary album

The 20th Anniversary Sailor Moon CD has hit the shelves. All and all they clearly put some thought into it. The packaging is really something to look at. The cover is the same as the new manga so you’ve seen that already. It’s the CD in particular that is of note, quite pretty.

Pic source: セーラーまあさ (Sailor Maasa) 

Now I’m an old school fan. I cut my teeth on the language thanks to SM. The first Japanese song I ever learned was Eien No Melody back in what was probably 1997 or so. The first foreign CD I ever bought was the authentic sdtrk to the last season. Man was it expensive for poor student me at $32.  In comparison you could get bootleg SonMay CDs for less than a third of that. I still have it too.

I say this because I want to back up what I am saying with thorough knowledge of the originals. You better believe every piece of Sailor Moon music I could get my greedy little hands on back then was played on repeat for months.  :D

Now on to my thoughts. I wrote these as each track came up.

Moonlight Densetsu – Pretty darn decent. Clean music and Momoiro Clover Z is nice. The bridge at 1:32 is nice as it features some nice electric guitar.

Heart Moving – Let’s go go 80′s dance club. I can’t hear the name of this song without the warm fuzzies of the ending animation sequence in my head.  This is decidedly more beat driven now. It’s nice.

Princess Moon – Starts out cute, like 50′s cute. Then the slightly off key singer kinda messes it up. Would be good for karaoke.

Otome No Policy – Er, the singers sound like they trying to sing a gentle lullaby instead of a catchy song. The futuristic music sounds a lot like the music from the first and second Katamari Damacy games.

La Soldier – Wow what a bitchin’ remake. You know it’s gonna be awesome when a song starts with thunder and a church organ. I feel like this should be playable on Rock Band. You know that art floating around with the senshi as a biker gang? This is their theme song clearly.

Ai No Senshi – Starts off strong and then the girl singer sounds like a baby. Then what… a dude? Ok so are ChibiUsa and Tuxedo Mask singing this about Sailor Moon?  It’s good music that needs slightly better singers.

Tuxedo Mirage – This song is comparable to the original. The harmony sounds a little too manufactured though. Sounds like your typical lyrical j-pop slow song.  Reminds me of purple, pink, stars, and love.  Yeah I guess that’s Sailor Moon on the surface.

Rashiku Ikimasho – I always thought of this as Ami’s song since it was in her special little movie. Upbeat j-pop again. It’s pretty good. Reminds me of the first one only polished up a little.

Sailor Star Song – Starts beautiful and goes a little operatic. The singer (Sailor Galaxia of all people) warbles a little but it’s not that distracting but it doesn’t add anything. Good background, I bet this version would be great karaoke.

Kaze Mo Sora Mo Kitto – Starts out sounding like Beck and then an immature voice ruins any cool this song may have had. It’s immediately better at 5:30 when she stops. I’m pretty sure I’d do a better job. ugh. You know, this may have been the song that should have had a male voice. On the fence about that….

Moonlight Densetsu (French ver) – Smooth. I kinda picture a smokey french nightclub and a lady in a classy but too tight red dress on the stage.  It’s French, what else can I say?


Best song?  La Soldier by a MILE.
Worst song?  Kaze Mo Sora Mo Kitto. What were they thinking with that one?

All in all, worth it even if it’s just to sing along.

Don’t want to DL or buy it without hearing a little first? Here is the promo audio with snippets of each song.

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Shea Butter Hair/Body Oil

When I started growing out my hair I did it for several reasons. One of them was to get rid of the chemicals I put right next to my brain. There are a lot of products out there to manage natural hair and of course there are chemicals up the wazoo in some of them so it wouldn’t make sense to go natural and then slather on more chemicals.  Thankfully there is an emerging set of individuals on the internet now that give advice on how to keep the natural in your natural hair.

I’ve been making my own hair oil and this is my 3rd batch now. It’s pretty simple and straightforward too.

IMG_6388Coconut oil, olive oil, avocado oil, jojoba oil, Vitamin E, and shea butter.

Basically all I do is cut the room temp shea butter in half, take a big heaping spoon of coconut oil, 2 tablespoons of everything else and mix it all up with an electric beater.

After about 3 mins of beating it softens and fluffs right up. The color of it depends on the color of your shea butter. This batch was pale yellow but my first batch was really yellow. Makes no difference in quality though.

I put it in a small jar I got from Sally’s for $2.50 and close it up. It stays on my bathroom counter. I use a little everyday and it last me about 3 months.  It’s also a nice body oil as well. It does well on knees, elbows, and feet for starters. It goes right into your skin in a few minutes and all those vitamins are surely a good deal better for you than all the chemicals in lotions.

I made a little more than my jar could hold and gave the rest to my mom in a little glass jar. I got bacon and pancakes as a thank you. :D


This method was learned from here!

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