Delta Museum

Earlier this month I got the chance to be on the main Delta campus. When I was done I took the opportunity to visit the museum there. It was decently interesting. It was separated into the Propeller Era and the Jet Era. I very much enjoyed the Prop Era side for the nostalgia. They had dinner trays, stewardess uniforms, videos from elderly people who were the first pilots and passengers. Riding in a plane was special and it was really neat seeing how threadbare things started. (seats used to be made of wicker to cut down on weight)

Cell phone pics:


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Taobao – the first order –

Last winter I got wind of a type of Chinese ebay where the clothing is different/cute and items are super cheap. I kept an eye on the types of orders people were putting in and I started to get jealous of all the cute stuff they were buying. I figured I would never get to enjoy the site because frankly it’s for Chinese people. They are much smaller than Americans and the girls I saw ordering were like 5’5 and 110 lbs. That is solidly not me. At least not me since I was 11.

Enter Plus Size Taobao. A tumblr that post all the cute things they find in bigger sizes. After seeing the site two things occurred to me:
1. Of course there are plus sized Chinese people. They exist.
2. China makes nearly all American clothing anyways. Of course they have our sizes.

There are also search listings in the Taobao spreadsheet that helps you find plus clothing but the site is huge so searching can be a bit tedious. Seeing a culled list of things people have found is easier.


Anyways onto the the interesting part. The items. I mainly went in because I fell in deep love with these cute little vintage looking purses.

This is my first order:
Had to make a couple adjustments with the Dark Blue jumper and the Sky blue shirt because of what the seller had available but I did ask for the scarf hat in white.

All in all it took maybe 2.5 weeks from placing my order to having it on my doorstep and I am super pleased with nearly all the items.

I am totally in love with both of my purses. They are too cute for words. I have already gotten a compliment on the green one. The shoes are adorable and I am busy breaking them in. The shirts are a little romantic with those pretty arm ruffles and the material is perfect for summer, very airy and light. The hat is going to be wonderful this winter. It’s huge and cuuuute. I have curly hair and it’s not going to give me hat hair cause of the size.
The jumper is the only thing I don’t like all that much. The proportions are very wonky so it fits weird. I am in the middle of modifying it in 8 places so it can at least look decent.

All in all, a successful first order.

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Ohco Fabric Haul – Spring 2014

Last fall I didn’t get anything at the biannual sale. This time I saw a few things that caught my eye.

The yellow vine I think I will make into a flirty skirt for summer.
Yellow dot will be pillows I’ll sell.
Green Maltelasse will be a hobbity type vest cause the fabric is too close to it not to be.
Green circles will be pillows I think.
I got like 11 yrds of that white and I haven’t any idea what to do with it but damn if it isn’t beautiful.
The big print with the oriental blue is gonna be a fantasy type coat I think. Something French inspired.

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Hair Stuffs

So I got to go to the Taliah Waajid World Natural Hair Health and Beauty show because of work this past Saturday.  Specifically I was at the VIP after party.  Beforehand, I got to see the now empty showroom and it was eye opening. I really wish I had my good camera on hand to show you what I saw.  It was wall to wall posters of girls and women who looked like me. How odd was that? I don’t think about these kinda things much because I’d probably be forever angry. I’d rather just get on with life.
But seeing myself on every product MADE me think about it and it gave me an interesting feeling of topsy turvy. Peter commented later that what I saw is what advertisements would look like if he was the one no one represented.  I have to say, he’s probably right.

Anyways it was a nice party although I think they really needed some food that wasn’t just champagne and tiny desserts. Would have made people more energetic that late at night.

I managed to snag one of the left over sample bags they had and I am really happy I did now.


I tried out the two full size products on the right. I have to say I am impressed. I was a little afraid the co-wash was going to be heavy and slick when I put it in my hair but as it dried my hair really stayed soft and hydrated in a way my usual conditioner only manages to do for a few hours after. It’s a day later and my hair isn’t crunchy or dry.

The shine butter smells nice and not too perfumey like a lot of stuff tends to be. I like the weight of it. It’s light but enough to seal in moisture.

Looking at all these types of products is somewhat intimidating though. There are SO many. Where do you even start, how much do you use, is it working right, what happens when you combine them, will it work on your curl pattern, does your hair like it better when it’s wet or dry?  There are so many combos I really don’t even want to take all the time it would take to figure out what works for me. You can’t even look to what others have used because their diet, curl pattern, genetics, and weather all effect how it works for them specifically.

It’s the only reason I would ever want a stylist, they could figure it out for me.

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April’s April wedding

April was my college roommate for a year. She was the best roommate because we had a lot in common and we got along really well. She only left because they discontinued her major so off she went to study elsewhere. I missed her. We called each other the best roommate ever for several years after.
We’ve kept in touch sparsely through the years but when she said she was getting married I felt like I needed to attend. I’m really glad I went as another old college friend, Brinson, was attending with his fiancee. Plus get this, Rachelle, a person I knew in MIDDLE SCHOOL was a bridesmaid. I forgot she even knew April. How unexpected. This is the stuff life is made of people, you best not miss it.

It was beautiful spring day in Milledgeville. I had a lovely time and we danced and laughed and remembered old times. Her parents and family actually remembered me which was really nice and oddly comforting. We also met and fed a pair of Donkeys and a herd of goats since the wedding was on a farm. :)


Bonus. Near the end of the festivities the DJ played Bohemian Rhapsody.
This is what happened…

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Cherry Blossom Fest 2014

Wonderful weather and a day off let me catch the tail end of the Conyers Cherry Blossom fest on Sunday.

I only stayed a little while to eat a little fair food, field test the camera,  and give a little money to the small craft businesses that have stalls there.

Here’s what I picked up: Ridiculously good smelling soap, some perfume oils, and a patch for my dad. (I plan on attaching it to a jacket and embroidering his name on it) Not pictured is a giant bloomin onion and a large lemonade which I devoured throughout the day.



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Headlight Deoxidation

You know how after a few years your car’s headlights get a dull milky yellow patina on them? Ours have been that way for at least 3 years or so and we had plans to fix it but totally forgot.
We recently had the car serviced and when I asked how much it would cost to clean the headlights they gave me a staggering quote of $200+ The other guy at the desk said it would be cheaper if I went online and just replaced them.

A couple days later while buying new wipers at the AutoZone I noticed a 3M headlight kit ($20) that I had seen online back when we were thinking of fixing them. So I got it and got to work.

The instructions were fairly simple. You start with coarse sandpaper and work your way to finer sandpaper and then finish off with a polish.


All in all it took me about 25 mins per headlight. Totally worth it. The beams show through SO much brighter now and the brights shine out far better than before making for a safer drive. If you have cloudy headlights take the time to fix them. It looks better, allows you to see better as well as have people see you better.

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Interactive Rant

A while ago I started thinking there might be a few too many social media/sharing places to belong to.
I have a coscom acct, facebook, twitter, deviantArt, poupee girl, CURE acct, Instagram and an etsy. All of which I check regularly. I am loathe to also get a tumblr or a pinterest page, or a FB fan page.

Recently I’ve been noticing a trend I don’t like though. Some regular person will start an account and post things. Then when people start replying/asking questions/admiring their post the person says NOTHING. They never reply to a single thing. I find it rude. It just screams “Look at me, LOOK at me, but I am too important to say anything to you once you look”

Social media is just that…social. If you don’t want to be social make a site where you’re not expected to interact.

Don’t be that guy/that girl people. Talk to your commentors. You don’t have to reply to everyone but toss them some of the same attention they are bestowing upon you. If you don’t people will take note and talk to you less which can have you miss out on some valuable info they otherwise would have shared or not mention you to anyone else because you presented yourself as self absorbed.

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Joy’s Valentine Wedding

Guess who’s a married woman now!

We traveled to Athens on Valentine’s Day. The weather had just cleared up too. Had it been a day before the roads would have been too icy to traverse.


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Ohco 2014 Spring

Had a full day out and about already before I hit up what is probably my favorite sale.

It was blessedly calm and quiet because it was a cold rainy Wednesday.  It was nice to be able to look as long as I liked and put down things to be able to come back to them again.


Last fall I didn’t get anything but this time there were a few pretty things that would do great for a Rivendell bedroom and there was a giant swath of beautiful white satin I just couldn’t leave there. Plus they had something I hadn’t seen before…fluff. I bought some of that too.


But first, pictures of some of the things I saw.

This one would be a beautiful Yukata because of the koi design and that blue and white are traditional yukata colors. I almost got it but blue does nothing for me.


A leathery fabic with a distinctive design. One of those fabrics you know you will need one day and of course you won’t be able to find anything like it. :)


A beautiful saffron yellow with slightly art deco swirls.


More pleather in a lovely ruddy brown.


This one I ended up getting. There was so much of it. Totally wedding dress material but I plan on dyeing it. More on that in the next post.


A neat looking geometric fabric.


A nice vinyl with a pillow embossed pattern. Would look nice as an accent on boots or a belt.


A lovely little busy vine pattern. I almost got this one.


The muppet section. If you need a buttload of fleecey goodness there you go.


The purple version of that kingly fabric I saw last time


More stately looking fabric. I have to say a renaissance costumer would have a field day in here.


Almost got this one for a fantasy vest I was thinking about doing. Looked a lot like what the pattern picture was using.


Pretty, it was quite heavy and embroidered everywhere.


Beautiful satin stripes. Man this one would make some outstanding Victorian wear.


Vibrant blue pleather in an animal pattern.


Lastly, thread for DAYS. A rug as tall as 3 of me and super cheap glasses. Who even knows why they have glasses.

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