Zoe Washburn Funeral Dress


I had done regular Zoe and really wanted to do another costume of her. I wasn’t terribly keen on her regular Serenity look but this dress, this dress was so eye catching.







Notes on construction:
About two weeks before the con I finally had time to get to work on this. 
I picked out a pattern close to the shape of the dress, cut in a different neckline and back, lengthened it, made it flair more, and made it train a bit.
After staring at Gina for a couple hours (which no one would ever complain about) I devised how the stripe pattern worked. 
Apparently NO ONE in central FL makes tape smaller than 2/3 inches. But the pattern calls for thinner tape. I looked in 4 stores and called 2 art stores but no dice. So I had to make my own. I took a regular width roll of tape and an exacto knife and cut the tape in half while it was on the roll. Now this would have been efficient but the knife would only go down 4 or five layers. So I had to re-cut each time I got down that far. Which was often. It slowed me down a lot.

I then carefully laid out the back first. I figured if there was going to be mistakes it should be on the back. I measured each width as I laid the tape down. After about a day of only being ¼ done I realized I had a good enough eye to lay it by hand without measuring. 

Painting was fast but a ROYAL pain in the ass. I used a permanent soft spray on fabric dye/paint. The particular color I used only came in a 3 color pack. So I had to buy the whole pack 6 times and have 2 leftover colors each time. But it was the only way to get the correct colors. I had to spray it down and quickly blot it up with paper towel. I got very little overspray though so it was very successful. 

Assembling the dress was very easy. It only took a couple hours and another hour to form fit it. I’m glad I assembled it after painting. 


I got VERY lucky, when viewed from the side the pattern matches up uncannily even though I did not concern myself with that cause I thought it would be far too hard.



Worn at: DragonCon 2006, Megacon 07, DragonCon 2008


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  1. Anonymous says:

    That is an awesome idea to use tape and paint. Beautiful dress.

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