Yoriwyn Stilldusk


I read LOTR.
I was 21 and I loved me some LOTR. Problem was, there wasn’t a single person in the entire thing (it’s meant to be an Anglo-Saxon narrative) that I could be. So here is the dreaded OC!






Notes on construction:
This was pretty early on in my sewing days so it’s a straight up Simplicity 9891 as recommended by AlleyCatScratch back in the day. I remember sewing a lot of it at college. That’s my Princess Pluto wig restyled. That headpiece is something I am really proud of. The middle is all hand woven wire that I shaped into scallops and then added little gems and filagree pieces to catch the light.
The cloak used 7 yards of velvet and was such a beast to sew such big pieces I cut it in the living room. A first for me, but it wouldn’t be the last.
10+ years later I used it on my Liz 10 costume too.


As with all OCs she has a lame attempt at a story. Have mercy on my 21 yr old self:
Yoriwyn is an elf made from two worlds. Long ago before Númenór was destroyed and Elendil the tall came to claim Gondor and Arnor some Haradrim explored the north. A girl swathed in men’s clothing snuck away with them. She was discovered and cast out from the group. They never returned for her. She tried to find her way home and ended up lost in the forest near Lindórinand. Four elves out on watch wandered near where she camped and one of them spied her walking. She was mistaken for a man due to her clothing. The elf company watched her for two days until under the watch of Daelinfyn she disrobed and bathed in a nearby pool. She was discovered to be woman and the elves took pity on her for she appeared to be alone without direction. She came to live with them and care for the one who had seen her as woman. They had a child. She was Haradrim and Elf.

“…and Yoriwyn was the daughter of an elf. Her father was like the color of day, her mother the color of night. She was ere color of dusk and so they called her Stilldusk.”








Worn at: Renaissance Festival and a couple of parties

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