Yellow Yukata


The white kimono is quite heavy and I figured having a lighter one would be nice.








Notes on construction:
Took everything I learned from my previous kimono and applied it here. This time I decided to try a little wax paper painting, a technique I had just learned. The fabric I chose was a little thin though so my work was doubled when I had to make a nagajuban. If you knew the amount of hand sewing the front hem requires you’d wince too.
The obi is made much like the other one with thick interfacing and boning channels. This time I made a giant bow to attach to it and a panel to cover the lacing.
I’m not super happy with the yukata but I do like the obi. It is good to try out new things and perfect other techniques.





Worn at: AFO 2009, Cherryblossom photos 2013, Japanfest 2014

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