White Kimono


I had always wanted a kimono and frequently lamented the ones I wanted were always too short.
I found a long length of this fabric at the bottom of my stash I had for 3 years and figured I’d make one. No idea why that hadn’t occurred to me before.








Notes on construction:
Just a standard kimono pattern for the white part. Simplicity 4080 with a few adjustments made for height and arm length. I faked the nagajuban with more fabric from the stash. The obiage is a scarf from my closet.  The obi itself is made from left overs from some giant floor pillows I made.
That obi though is a work of awesome. It’s a mixture of corset, obi, and imagination. It’s basically two layers of very thick interfacing with one of them lined with 12 boning channels. Then that is enveloped in the fabric and eight grommets are added to lace it closed. It was my first time trying it and it turned out so well. Makes dressing yourself a breeze. I later refined the process when I made my yellow yukata.




I made this like 9 yrs ago and even though I did my research it was probably still another year before I learned to wear it properly every time.



Worn at: FX 2005, AFO 2006, Dragoncon 2006, AFO 2009


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