Victorian Lady


I was deep in the throws of my fandom for Victorian Romance Emma. I wanted to do one of the maid outfits but I knew how that was going to be perceived so I decided to make a lady instead.









Notes on construction:
In the LOTR chatroom a friend was moving and had a trove of fabric she wanted to get rid of. I happily agreed to take it even though I had no idea what was in it. It was some CHOICE fabric! One of them was a length of the black and gold used in this costume.
I made it in about 2 weeks right before DragonCon cause I like to torture myself like that apparently. (I have at least 3 costumes like that) The top is fully lined and the skirt was modded to have a center panel and a train. The top is store bought. I cut off the cuffs and made new ones out of similar sheer material and lace. Also cut off the collar and added lace and made it close with a brooch instead. Then I tea dyed the whole thing for a nice off white look that would go better with the gold.
The wig is my Dr. Steel wig braided up and decorated with flowers, ribbons, and a few pearls. I meant to make a hat for this outfit. Don’t know if I’ll ever get back to it though.




Met Aaron Douglas at a party in this dress.



Worn at: DragonCon 2007, Anachrocon 2010


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