Usagi’s Pajamas


I’ve always wanted Usagi’s pajamas and this fabric was too perfect not to do this.





Notes on construction:
So I saw this adorable pink moon and star fabric and actually left it at the store….whereby I told my guy about it and he shook his head and asked why would I leave the store without Gabi-fabric.
I went back to get it and there was only enough for shorts. A short while later I was there again I saw more and got enough for the shirt too.
I’ve wanted her PJ’s for years and now I get to have them in not only pink, but with moons and stars all over too. They are satiny outside and fleecy good inside.

I know she wears pants, but I lived in very hot humid weather. So I made shorts.
Learned a good but about applying piping and cuffs. I even put the little pocket with the bunny on the corner.




After wearing them a couple times as a late night cosplay they are used as my real PJs now.



Worn at: AFO 2005, DragonCon 2005, AFO 2006, My bed


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