Setsuna Meiou ~Sailor Pluto~


I meant to make this WAY back 10+ years ago when I made Princess Pluto. But back then wigs were a more than a little scarce in a proper color. I didn’t want to do it with black hair because she clearly has green in every picture of this outfit. Over the years it just got put on the back burner for other costumes.







Notes on construction:
Prep for this started a YEAR ago. I began looking for a proper suiting fabric because, well, it’s a suit. I looked high & low repeating visits to stores in case they got anything new in. Finally I thought I was going to have to order online. So I got some swatches from Mood in NY. Only one of them was sorta close. In a last ditch effort to find it locally I hit up a giant fabric warehouse I had seen in my travels over Atlanta.
BINGO. It took a giant warehouse of every sort of color and fabric before I found ONE suitable purple. It was way cheaper than Mood too, so bonus.
Skirt is modified from McCalls 5523 which is such a nice pattern I’m going to make another one for work.
Top is a heavily modified Simplicity 4789 E. Which I’ve used before because it has a lot of nice basic pieces you can work into other things.
The collar I hand sketched on paper, made a mock up, then cut it. To add all those angles I had to master the mitered corner. It’s pretty easy although easy to mess up too.
Original shoes are heels that were going to be used for Shana but weren’t. They killed my feet. Switched to some great reasonably comfy pumps the 2nd time. I added T-straps to them. Made bow and vinyl earrings.

The wig is from ebay and I tried to use the same bun making method I used on previous my Pluto wig but it wasn’t having it. It was far too heat resistant to curl. So I opted to make it a braided bun since I didn’t have access to wefts on short notice. It looks rather nice for not being completely accurate. I may change it. I may not.


Impressed by how cheaply this came together. Including the wig it was just under $100 which is kinda hard to pull off in cosplay.



Worn at: Acen 2015, Momocon 2015, DragonCon 2015, AWA2015


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