After Anthy’s school wear it was natural to do RoseBride too. Who can resist a big formal dress anyways?








Notes on construction:
I was still under the tutelage of my mom and I got to do way more on this one as she was teaching me. She made the body of the top and I got to do all the edging, pockets, cuffs, buttons and fitting. She trusted me to make the skirt on my own.
My dad told me how to use the circular saw for my epaulets. I sanded them down and painted them. Then I attached tiny hooks which attached to custom ball doorknob doll stands with green tassels that I made. The gold rope was one my mom had and I made the green jewel out of a fish tank bead painted green and clay.
The first time I wore it I realized it was boxy and flat. So I took in the sides (a thing I would come to do on MANY costumes to come) and purchased a real petticoat to help the poof of the dress. I sewed roses and pearls to the petticoat hemline for fun.
The crown was thin cardboard cut out to the right shape and then tipped with gold beads and glued to a headband.
The hair is my own because back then wigs were still only in party colors. It used to take me a full hour to do that sideways french roll she has but I got faster at it over time. Anthy has brown hair in quite a lot of illustrations so that works out. 




Won Best Attention to Detail at AFO 3
At Animazement two girls liked my costume so much they went out and bought me a little monkey plush and they added little details to it to make a ChuChu. I was so touched. I still have it.
About 10 yrs later, in another state, I was in a bookstore when a girl I was standing next to actually recognized me from a decade earlier as the Rosebride she met.  That right there is Crazy.
I have some fanart a random dude drew of me waiting in line while in costume.



Worn at: AWA 2000, AWA 2001, Animazement 2001, AFO 2002, AFO 2005


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