Princess Pluto


Early on I really wasn’t up to making a sailor fuku. But I was totally up for a princess dress? What?





Notes on construction:
My mom had been instructing me and helping me thus far with previous costumes (Sailor Moon, Anthy, Rosebride) and this one was the first one I tried completely on my own. I must have measured everything four times and pinned every inch of everything trying to do it right.
I chose a peach skin type fabric and I used a sun dress pattern I had made before. Changed the bodice and added another pair of straps. For the train I hemmed a length of black chiffon fabric and added tiny snaps to it and the hips of the dress. That way if anyone stepped on it it would just detach rather than tear the dress, a very important thing to have in crowded convention halls. The strap jewels were a lucky find in the correct shape & color. I made a SUPER long floor length choker which ties into a bow at the neck. Got lucky again and in my mom’s jewelry I found her exact necklace. I don’t know how that even happened. The gloves are my prom gloves. I had two wigs for this one. Back then wigs came only in natural and party colors and no one had discovered how to dye them yet. So I used a witch wig with white stripes in it. I colored the stripes in with a sharpie marker totally not knowing that was going to be a thing in about 7 or 8 years. I cut in bangs and rolled the top half of the back into a bun. The second wig got much the same treatment but I made curly cues in front for interest.




I will forever be bitter that few fans knew who I was cause the manga wasn’t widely read yet. But then 3 yrs later there were Princess groups all over the place. 🙂



Worn at: AWA 2000, AZ 2001, AWA2001, AFO 2002


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