Princess Leia


My hair!
Last year, as I waited for the last of my straight hair to grow out, I said at DragonCon 2013 that I’d like to try Princess Leia with afro puffs. Well of course a year later I forget that I wanted to until a couple weeks before the con…









Notes on construction:

Since this was supposed to be a quick and dirty costume I was just going to buy the pattern and whip it together. But things can’t be that easy. The pattern is out of print and $70 when you can find it. (the jedi pattern is alive and well – go figure) So I thought I would make it based off Zoe’s and Garterbelt‘s dresses. Both have shoulder seams though and as soon as I did the briefest of searches on Leia it’s quite obvious there are no shoulder seams. Raglan sleeves are the shape I would have to master. So I cobbled together a men’s shirt pattern and Zoe’s pattern for the raglan. Got super lucky and located an opaque white knit. This stuff is thick, light, drapes lovely, and resist wrinkles. So I made the dress 20 inches longer, cut in a new collar, altered the fit to be loose, extended the sleeves and bell shaped them, added the hood and then stretch stitched pretty much the whole thing and finished the edges.

Carrie Fisher is like 5’1″ and tiny. I’m neither of those so when looking at the templates others had made up for the belt I decided mine should probably be scaled up just a little. I sketched a template and then cut it out of white vinyl and backed it with thick interfacing.  The metal is flashing from the local hardware store and the buttons are button covers threaded and secured to the back. I hammered in 4 snaps to close it at the back.

The boots, funny enough were a gift from my dad. For some reason he gave me some white boots months before I started on this and I figured it was a sign that I really needed to make Leia. The blaster is Peter’s.

All in all, my quick and dirty ended up being ‘Did I just make this screen accurate?’  Yes I did.


Bonus: Won Best Disney Princess at Dragoncon’s Hallway Costume contest 2017



Worn at: DragonCon 2014, GenCon 2015, Dragoncon 2015, DragonCon 2016, DragonCon 2017


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