I picked up photography a few years ago in effort to better capture my own work and remember other’s costumes that I enjoyed.

I like Canons so I started out with a tiny little Canon Powershot A530 which I then hacked for better performance. I have a Kodak Easyshare Z990 we got for other purposes and it was a pretty decent camera although a bit annoying to cycle through all the options each time you wanted to change something.
Now I have a beautiful Canon T3i DSLR that I am learning to use properly and I love it. I think I’ll always be partial to Canons.

I still use the camera phone when it’s handy though. Sometimes you just can’t lug out the big guns. So you’ll see a few of those pop up in this gallery too.

Below is a collection of favorites from around the site.
If you want to see all my photos just use the photography tag on my blog.



If you see me with my camera come on up and ask for some pics. I’m especially partial to things listed in my fandoms on my about page.

2 Responses to Photography

  1. Mary miley says:

    Hey! My names Mary and you took photos of me at cosplayers on ice and I was hoping to see them somewheres. I was christmas sailor moon with my mamoru:) thanks!!

    • Gabi says:

      Hello Mary, I remember you. I’m two events behind in posting photos but since Christmas is almost here I’m gonna toss the ice skate photos up first. Will post this week asap.

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