Party Voltron – Hunk


Voltron was a huge hit and Takumisa was inspired to make some fun simple costumes.




Lance- Takumisa Cosplay
Allura – ReinaV Cosplay
Keith – Kimberly Cosplay
Shiro – Hill Cosplay
Hunk – Me




Notes on construction:
I hadn’t decided to do it until the last minute so since I already had a raglan shirt pattern (same one I used for Princess Leia) I went ahead and made the shirt myself. Takumisa was handling everyone else’s shirt so I asked her which fonts to use and she also sent me the front image logo to iron on.
Ironing on decals is nerve racking as you really don’t want to mess it up. Doubly so if you made your garment like I did. But I got it on just fine. Made Hunk’s headband and some bonus armbands.
Purchased some light up glasses online but they decided to tell me they were out of stock 3 days before I needed them so I picked up some yellow party lenses instead and a GO YELLOW face sticker.





We had a ball in these and lots of people liked it. Our Shiro showed Josh Keaton (Shiro’s VA) and he not only retweeted it but said we chose perfect nicknames. We just about died.







Worn at: Anime Weekend Atlanta 2016


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