Finally a clean closet

This past spring I came upon the teachings of Marie Kondo which basically says you should only own things that bring you joy. Thinking of my long contentious relationship with clothing I decided that it was time to only own things that bring me joy. I had so many old things that just didn’t fit, had tiny stains or holes I couldn’t repair, and were just things I held onto for no discernible reason.

First thing I did was empty my entire closet into the living room. I took out stuff I flat out hated first. Didn’t matter if someone gave it to me or not. Next was stained items, beyond repair items, stuff that would never fit or didn’t look good on me, ect. I came upon some things I could modify like turning dresses from my teens into skirts.

It took a while and I gave myself that time to cement what I was trying to do. It would be no use to rush and regret. I felt like taking my time with saying bye made sure I was certain these things could go. In the end I fully packed 2 large trashbags and took them down to Goodwill.

Next I separated Spring/Summer from Fall/Winter clothing. I used to do this as a kid and I stopped cause I lived in FL and that pretty much had so little winter wear it made no sense to separate it. But here in GA it actually gets cold so I have a lot more bulky things that it makes sense to divvy them up again. So all the winter wear went into 4 space bags and let me tell you it made everything so much neater. It left room for purses and hats.

All in all it was so worth it. Best of all it let me see what I really wear and what I lacked. Getting dressed is far less of a chore.  Now I have room for pieces I like, items that make me feel joy.


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Anime Weekend Atlanta 2015

I didn’t get much in the way of swag as per usual. But I did manage to locate one more senshi wand and a bonus cameo. Some friends pointed out some clear file folders. I got the SnK one just cause Marco is on it. It’s pretty rare to have him on merchandise. Got the Free! one cause it was a 2 for 1 deal.  Michelle generously gifted me her pretty Michiru/Haruka art. Still not over how nice her art style is.
We had a VR panel Saturday afternoon. You can see some pics from it in the gallery below. Judging by 2016’s turn out it’s way better to have panels in the afternoon rather that at night. We squeezed in as many people as we could to try the Oculus DK2.


Now onto the pics! They are broken up into Friday and Saturday. 167 in all.

The usual rules on photos. If you see yourself, take it. It’s yours to use. Credit would be nice.

All pictures are edited and left in a large state. Feel free to edit them further. Never underestimate the power of the crop tool.  If you want the HUGE version contact me in the about section up top.




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Darcy and Brinson’s Wedding

A fresh dewy day in October 2015 Jason and Darcy tied the knot amongst friends and family at a lovely old farmhouse setting.
I’ve known Jason since our freshman year in college when we were one of 8 people in Japanese language class and being weebs in an anime club. Darcy is a witty accomplished woman and I wish them the happiest of times together.



Sorry it took me a year to post these. I got so far behind I didn’t even know I was that behind.

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