Katara -Old Friends Poster-


I had wanted to cosplay regular Katara for a while. I think though I am just too old and too tall to look decent in it so when the Avatar creators indulged the fans with a poster depicting the Gaang all grown up I was on it.









Notes on construction:
Every time you think you are just going to sprint through a costume you aren’t. I thought this would take me a week or two at most but there was a lot of hand sewing on that fur and trim that ate time. It just would not look good machine stitched on.

I began with the tunic buy modding a dress pattern I used for Zoe and then adding on the various stripes and hood. Had to cut the arm holes twice as they didn’t sit on my shoulders right the first time. There was a LOT of measuring and a fair bit of quilting for those front waves and matching up all the widths of the stripes. The undershirt is just a turtleneck I short sleeved and made into a mock-neck. Got to use my Kya necklace again too.

The skirt is made of buttery soft suedecloth I got for super cheap ($4 for 4 yrds) at that Ohco Sale I go to each year. I thought it was going to be SUPER easy. Wrong. I just thought I was going to slap two rectangles together and put elastic in it for comfort. I had to rehash those side slits no less than 4 times to make sure it split open enough to show the proper amount of pant leg.

Belt was some suede cloth I had on hand and trimmed with cording on the edges to give it the lip.

The water bag was a keen piece of extra credit sewing you might miss if you only see me from the front. I took more suede cloth in two shades of brown to match the one we see her use in Day of Black Sun. I embroidered the water tribe symbol in the center with varigated thread. Then I installed an invisible zipper and it’s a great purse.

Refashioned my victorian wig for hair loopies.
Boots are my own.
Trusty blue-gray contacts complete the look




First time I designed an embroidery pattern and used it on a costume.




Worn at: DragonCon 2013, MomoCon Life U shoot 2013, MomoCon 2014, MomoCon 2015


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