Honestly, I was trying to get a certain guy’s attention. It worked.





Notes on construction:
Nadia was a really simple costume that would have taken a day to make had my mom’s Singer not broken a cog. So I had to wait two weeks until mom got a cheap replacement until the other is fixed.
Broadcloth in a blood red instead of bright red. The white trim is bed lining. The sash is brown broadcloth. The bra is a sports bra I already had. To make the pattern for the top I used some PJs that looked right and used them as a guide. Then I cut it open up the front. The sarong is just two big squares fastened by a button that I didn’t use for Rosebride. The jewlery is brass hoops cut in half for the neck and sealed with paraffin. Bracelets are brass hoops.
My favorite part is the blue water gem. I made it out of simple dough the first time and it was not right in so many ways. So I went out and got crayola clay. It was a dream! I painted some string brown and strung it though. The leg ties are twine. The barettes are crayola clay with a glass plant weight embedded in it. I attached two barrets to the back to keep them secure in my hair. Simple hoop earrings finish it off.




The most skin I will probably ever show.



Worn at: AFO 2, AWA 7, Otacon 2002, AWA 8, AFO 4


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