Martha Jones


Too easy not to. Plus I liked Martha, she was good.








Notes on construction:
This costume had two iterations. The first one I was wrangled into being Martha for Whovians in the D*con parade after turning it down the year before. (I wanted to be Zoe) and in that version I used the jacket from Misato.

The 2nd jacket was the official one on sale at AbbeyShot.  I seem to have a real thing for fandom jackets. I’ve got 4 I’ve made and this is the first one I’ve bought. It’s a beauty too, lovely soft rich burgundy leather.  The rest is all my own clothing. Found a pink tank top at goodwill that I took in cause it was HUGE. Found earrings and necklace in my things that look just like hers. Put up my hair and slathered on way more eyeliner than I would ever wear in real life and I was done.





Worn at: DragonCon 2010, TimeGate 2012, TimeGate 2013, DragonCon 2013, Doctor Who 50th anniversary special, TimeGate 2015


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