Lunafreya Casual

A friend insisted I’d make a lovely Luna. I love FFXV but, AGAIN they didn’t make any main characters look like me. So this was gonna have to be one of those where I do my best but it would be up in the air how it looked on.

Notes on construction:
Whew boy.
I originally meant to buy her gown or make her Kingsglaive dress. But circumstances and time were short. I happened upon some beautiful circular lace and bought some intending it for Luna or a summer dress if I never did Luna.

First I had to find the rest of the lace. The circular lace was the only one of its kind I could find and it was OFF WHITE. That meant all the other fabrics would have to be off white as well. There are five different laces from two stores.

This dress started life as a reversed satin princess-seamed sheath dress. I figured I would make a majority of the dress and in insert the lace portions once it was mostly done. All of the lace required various techniques so I learned quite a bit placing it in. The inserting took quite a bit of time but went right as rain. The belt is made of vinyl so I used the tissue paper trick. The black Lucian cuff is real leather and I cut out a swoopy looking stencil on my cricut in vinyl and painted it with model paint. Pretty happy with using what I had around for that. Tiny metal studs dot the edges of it.
The shoes are white sandals with a circle of lace added on foam and heat-shaped to my foot and then stitched onto the shoe. The necklace and anklet are both handmade by me out of various chains, buttons, and paint.
Now that hair…I wasn’t willing to look up and down for a blonde that would suit me. And I like that black cosplayers are using their natural curly hair more as I did with Princess Leia so I opted for a look that used my curly afro for her voluminous ponytail but used a bang and braid hair pieces for the rest of it. I also added some pretty gold stars on the tips of the braid since the black she originally had would not show in my brown hair. I’m very proud of how that turned out.
The Flueret crest was 3D printed from Ame8’s design on Thingiverse. Painted by me. The Lover’s notebook and sylleblossom are both made by me.
Sadly this dress style looks atrocious on me which is why there are few pictures of it. I don’t even think it’s flattering on Luna let alone me. It makes me look huge and matronly. But I redeemed this with the white gown

I learned a good deal about inserting lace and how much you can truly get away with just pinning and draping. But this taught me a lesson in choosing silhouettes cautiously. Cause you can do beautiful work with beautiful fabrics and it won’t mean a thing if the fit doesn’t suit you.

Worn at: DragonCon 2019

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