Luka Millfy


If you don’t know how utterly flawless Gokaiger was as a sentai series let me tell you…It was seriously really fun TV. I cosplay what I like and I really liked Gokaiger. Live action cosplay can be a bit tricky though as it is played by real people. Real people you have a large chance of not looking anything like.  But for the love of this show, screw that. Of our heroes I decided on Luka solely because I look good in yellow.








Notes on construction:
The first hurdle was the fabric. How frustrating that was! All the yellows were either day-glo or might as well be orange. There was no in between so I dyed my own out of white poplin. Then I proceeded to let it sit idly by for 3 weeks as I decided if I liked the color or not.  I did and got to work. She is lined, flat fell stitched, and interfaced up the wazoo. Those loops were a pain in the butt but I like how they turned out. Each one had to be shaped, glued, and tacked in place. Figuring out how each of hers were looped was a task and getting them all to be even was also quite something. My patience was tested.

I still haven’t found the perfect pants and shirt for her. Nothing is making me happy in that respect so no real pictures of it…yet.


Worn at:
DragonCon 2013,  AWA 2013, AWA 2015


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