Places on the web you might enjoy.


Old School Conventioning – want to see what cons were like when I started? Take a trip back to the late 90’s all the way up to now with Fan’s View photos. (If you look through the AWA, A-kon, or AZ stuff from the 90’s you’ll spot a 20 yr old me)

Camera Simulator – learning how to use your camera? This simulator helps you understand what shutter speed, fstop, and all that stuff does.

Japanese Kana generator – nice if you have a decent grip on your understanding of katakana and hiragana. Super useful for typing what you need.

All the Sailor Moon Ever – this one lady cosplays like everyone. I mean it. EVERYONE from Sailor Moon. Even minor one off characters and alternate costumes.

Text from Avonlea – All the hilarious things the characters from Anne of Green Gables would text.

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