Kya .Katara and Sokka’s Mom.


There are enough Kataras out there and I’m too tall and old to be a 14 yr old but when I saw Kya, her mother, I knew I had my costume. 






Notes on construction:
Made out of fleece and costume fur. Used an African tunic pattern to start with and had to cut it down considerably because it was HUGE.  Learned the proper way to cut fur too. Added on the stripes, fur accents, bodice detail, hood, and changed the hemline. Also made matching mittens and I get to wear blue sweatpants underneath so that’s comfy although hot sometimes. Pendant is made of sculpy and painted.




While at Dragon*con sitting with friends a friend of Bryan Konietzko (co-creator of Avatar:TLA) walked up to me and asked for a picture so he could show Bryan. 
How awesome is THAT?
Also got called Katara so many times at cons I just stop correcting people. Though one hilarious bit I heard from a Zuko, “Finally a Katara darker than me!”







Worn at: Megacon 2009, Fanime 2009, DragonCon 2010, Momocon 2012


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