Hunk Onesie – Voltron FanArt


I had made a few onesies for winter and I had done a Voltron group the previous fall. Seeing this fanart by Chishio was too hard to resist.
Also I happened to come upon 10 yards of bright yellow fleece lined jersey at Ohco’s for a steal.










Notes on construction:
This was really straight forward with a few tweaks here and there. The pattern is the new Simplicity 8276. I have to say it was really easy to follow and could easily be sewn up in a couple of days tops. I was adding things on to mine so it took just a bit longer. I also like doing finishing stitches like top & satin stitching so that eats some time too.
Everything was made according to pattern until I got to the hood. I cut the shapes for the muzzle, nose and eyes. Let me say I was going to sub in another color for the eyes because I was SURE I wouldn’t find a yellow brighter than what I had. But lo and behold Joann Fabrics had an eye searing neon yellow fleece that should only be viewed in small doses. The mouth and nose were then interfaced, stabilized, and satin stitched.
I made a logo stamp out of several pieces of cardstock glued together and some chopsticks. Then I stamped my hood liner fabric all over in an orange fabric paint I mixed from some red and yellow I had.
The ears are a little different from the pattern, same shape but I cut the inner ear smaller and attached it to the front instead with some satin stitching.

So then I was all done and guess what…I had fabric left over. And you know what else, Lance has kitty shoes. So I needed kitty shoes too. I’ve never made shoes from scratch before so it was a learning experience. I think I’ll do a write up about that and give out the pattern for it so others can have lion shoes too.



Bonus: All the comfort man. All of it. This is a dream to wear after a long day in heels and hot clothing. Also met a KeithCat not 30 secs after I put it on.



Worn at: MomoCon2017


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