Garrison Soldier


Because this show. I don’t watch a whole lot of anime anymore and yet this show is like “BAM, lemme make you cringe and yell and grab your face from my plot points”







Notes on construction:
I actually didn’t want to make this costume at first. There were dozens and dozens of them at cons and frankly I didn’t want to add to it. But then my love of the show increased even more and I decided I guess I could buy one as a comfy throw away cosplay for Sunday or just down time. So I started looking on sites to find a decent jacket and harness.

Well everyone was using like the same 5 jacket pictures so you couldn’t tell what you were going to get. Then harnesses out there only went up to 5’7” (170cm) at most. Well I got that beat by 5 inches (18 cm).
So I came to the grudging realization that I would have to make both those items if I was going to do this. Oh well.

I thought I would do this in stages and if any other part of the pieces I could buy were unavailable I would scrap the project. First were skinny white pants. Got those on sale at walmart’s site cause I bought them in the middle of winter. Then I had to find boots for my size 10 feet. Found those on ebay and they fit well. Then I heard Kwik Sew 3534 was a great start to make the jacket. I picked that up as well.  After that I would probably have to find a good patch place because my embroidery machine cannot do that huge back patch. With all that figured out, now it was time to get on with the rest~

The jacket was pretty darn straight forward. I flat lined mine because the pattern didn’t have a liner and I wanted this jacket to feel comfortable and be on par with the ones you can buy. Besides I already had brown lining in my fabric stash. After the main body was done I shortened it which was comically harder than it sounds. Then pockets and top stitching. The patches are from Cuddle Turtle on etsy.

That harness. Wow. I was going to go for real leather and then didn’t because I couldn’t find a leather I liked. I opted for a non stretch vinyl. Thank goodness for JpopFanTsukiko on youtube. She goes through a step by step process of making the harness that is pretty easy to follow. I did deviate from it because I sew and I also had a few more parts on hand than she did but it’s still a fantastic way to learn what to do. I got mine into a wearable state for MomoCon but I am going to go back and add my vertical belts now.


I wish I saw more Garrison peeps but everyone wants to be a main character.

I do have this terribly weebish headcanon that whoever I am dressed up as was 19th in rank. She meant to try for top ten but lost her focus when the guy she was involved with washed out because of his vertigo during 3DMG training. That was nearly 20 years ago and it’s a poorly kept but tolerated secret that she is still very much involved with him. She has refused marriage only because of her fear of her inevitable death from her job not realizing that it would hurt him just as much, marriage or no.



Worn at: Momocon 2014, SeishunCon 2014, DragonCon 2014, ACEN 2015, Momocon 2015


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