Diesel Dante


That jacket is like $1200!!
Let me explain. After I was done making Dante 2 I kinda wanted the uber rare Hoock Diesel Jacket he wears. It was a tie in Diesel did with Capcom that was only available in Europe. There were only a few made. On top of that, Diesel jeans fans are diehards and that drives up the price like crazy. I just cannot justify spending that much.

I got the official jacket.  Every 5 or 6 months I poke around on ebay looking for this jacket. Finally, finally one came up that wasn’t some grotesque amount of money. Since my birthday was coming up I got it as a gift. It was all the way from the Netherlands. It’s in great shape too. Quite warm and I look forward to wearing it a lot in real life.









Notes on construction:
Quite intensive planning went into this because it is a real world item that looks a certain way so I would have to try harder to match it than I would for a 2D item.
First I could not find the greeny-gray corduroy I needed. So I got 3 types to try and dye and I asked the internet to help me pick. Then I couldn’t find a motorcycle jacket pattern anywhere. The ONLY company who made one was Burda and I was going to have to modify the hell out of it to match the seams. I changed so much and only had a limited amount of dyed fabric so I made a mock up. I even had to dye the zippers with markers. I’m fairly happy cause I wear it IRL. I need to get back to finishing it. There is still patches and hardware to add.




Look at those two gents next to me. Those fellows are Dante and Vergil’s motion capture and voice actors. I had the fun privilege of looking after them for several cons. This costume is much more comfortable than leather & more leather Dante.



Worn at: AFO 2010, DragonCon 2010, DragonCon 2012, it’s my regular jacket as well. New jacket: SFGE 2018


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