Dark Duelist Anthy


Utena’s white duelist outfit from the artbook really caught my eye. Since Anthy and Utena share a lot of the same designs (Anthy has a duelist uniform in the manga and Utena has a bride dress)  I imaged she’d have this outfit too. It took me 2 yrs to get around to it because I feared I wasn’t a good enough seamstress to make it yet.









Notes on construction:
I learned some great things with this costume. Proper pleats, dry sanding, upcycling, wig dying, and the wonders of stretch poplin.
The only problem I had was finding 6″ chain fringe. Four stores didn’t have it. MJ trims didn’t have it and I had to go with some hole in the wall online store that was super cool about it and even sent samples.




Won 1st place intermediate at AFO 6



Worn at: AFO 6, Megacon 2006, AFO 7


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