Dante -Devil May Cry 2-

Dante. Because Dante.



Being a fan of the game I really wanted to make a costume for it. But there isn’t anyone I resemble enough and I knew I was going to have to get creative.

Enter Wolfina’s art of a girl Dante and I had my winner. 


Notes on construction:
This costume took about 3 weeks to make. I reserved a month and a half to get it done for DragonCon but then Karen announced they got Reuben Langdon as a guest and I went into a furious sewing mode to get it done sooner.
The pants had to be made twice because I really didn’t want pants with a waistline and the first pair were cut too low by mistake. Even if covered by a coat I did not want my butt hanging out. Finally added belt loops too and they stay up so much better now. 

The first guns are some stand in 9mm toy guns painted in the right color scheme of silver/gold and black/gold.
The second set are recast of the original Poseidon set. They are awesome to own. 
The holster was actually pretty easy after making Zoë’s holster. 
The first buckle is silver sculpy that took about 5 days to sculpt, bake, and antique.
The second buckle is a lucky find from Hot Topic of a large silver winged skull. 

The coat really started to scare me. I had to modify a pattern, create a new collar, and that zipper was nothing but trouble. 
I didn’t think it was coming together right until I took in the sides to fit female curves and after that it looked great.

The gloves are my first pair and they were trial and error. Getting the buckles and straps on was a tedious process.

The wig is awesome if a little small. I have always wanted a white wig and this gave me every excuse to get one. 

The boots are my own boots I have had for years. They are also used for Zoe and Garterbelt.

All in all, Dante has 11 buckles on him.



Got to spend the entire con being guest relations for Reuben while I was dressed as Dante. I can’t think of anything more awesome than that. Except also escorting Daniel Southworth around too, which also happened a year later.
This costume also made me some great friends from across the country that are still my buddies to this day.
If you look real close in That Guy With the Glasses 5th anniversary special “Dragged in” you’ll see that the aliens and Dante may have the same tailor. 😀



Worn at: AFO 2008, DragonCon 2008, Fanime 2009, Megacon 2009, AFO 2009, Capcom Fight Club 2010, Wizard World Chicago 2011


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