Claudia LaSalle/Grant


Interracial dating in an anime. I don’t need to tell you how rare that is. So when I saw it I made plans.






Notes on construction:
My very first technically challenging costume on my own!
Finding the correct green was the first hurdle. After two trips I finally found only 3 yds of this lovely green suiting. Well that meant there was no room for error. I made the skirt first and then there was that jacket.
I had to somehow make that crossover in front match up with that very large sailor like collar. I know I made like 6 paper mock ups & one fabric one of that collar before I cut my fabric. It looks like a deceptively simple shape but when you throw in shoulders and that front it was a very weird W shape that made a shallow V in front with a U inside it. Plus I lined the darn thing thinking it would be simple. Nope.  After it was done I added wide bright yellow bias tape and faux pockets. It was horribly boxy the first time I wore it. I took in the sides and it looked 100 times better.  I had trouble finding green pumps in a world where people still didn’t use the internet much yet. But I did find some 2 sizes too big so I stuffed tissue in the toes and went on with it.



My first lined costume and I swore never to do it again. Of course that was a lie. But at the time I meant it.





Worn at: Otakon 2002, AWA 2002, AFO 2002, DragonCon 2003


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