Portal was awesome & yay another female protagonist with a nondescript nationality to boot!




Notes on construction:
So after playing it I had this orange jumpsuit laying around and decided some closet cosplay would be fun. This Peter’s old Wash coverall. The sleeves had been torn off for that costume and one had gone missing so I had to draft new sleeves and put them on. The game was being borrowed by a friend so didn’t have ref like I normally would have. But Peter vectored a logo, I printed it and ironed it on. It looked win until I got the game back and realized it’s just the aperture logo on the back nothing else. :/
Instead of being full of rage, I like it. Makes it that much more easy to tell what I am from, Not that the cube doesn’t already do that….

So the night before I wore it for the first time I realized I STILL had not made my weighted companion cube. So at 2am I got to work on it and finished around 4. I cannot believe I did that to myself. But it turned out nice so I am happy with it.




I’ve got a portal gun now too but no good pictures with it.



Worn at: MegaCon 08, Jacon 08, DragonCon 09, SeishunCon 2011, DragonCon 2012, DragonCon 2016


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