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Finally a clean closet

This past spring I came upon the teachings of Marie Kondo which basically says you should only own things that bring you joy. Thinking of my long contentious relationship with clothing I decided that it was time to only own … Continue reading

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Refurbished : Skirt

I’ve been cleaning out my closet hardcore. If I am not in love with an item it goes. I’ve also been watching a lot of upcycling and modification sewing on youtube. Usually I am stifled by always trying to cut … Continue reading

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SNK Socks and Earrings

Continuing my affinity for useful items in fandom… My new friend FriedCheeseMogu (Cheese for short) has these adorable character socks from Shingeki no Kyojin. I had seen similar socks with j and k-pop entertainers on them at cons so I assumed they … Continue reading

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