Bill Potts


I have a passing resemblance to Bill and I’m never gonna pass up the chance to use my natural hair.








Notes on construction:
Last minute cosplay go go go.
We were gearing up for Wholanta in a week when Peter mentioned that I should give Bill a go because I wear my hair a lot like her anyways and in my normal clothing people would just think I’m a poorly costumed Bill. So I hit up my local craft store for the 5 paint colors, a shirt, and some masking tape. I’ve worked with masking tape garment painting with Zoe’s dress before so I had a good idea of what I was doing. The only hard part was not being able to paint colors immediately next to each other. I had to skip around which made the process take longer than a day it would take me to paint things.  I always start from the back because if you make any mistakes it might as well be on the back. But it came out beautifully. I did the front, and then on the way to the con I sewed on the buttons.
The hairbow is a little piece of fabric from my stash that I hemmed and attached on a clip. Overshirt is from Goodwill. Necklace from amazon.

I’d like the tackle this one again. While it looks vibrant I found the shirt stiff from all the fabric paint. I wanted to buy the expensive more flexible spray paints but at $7 a bottle it was out of the question at the time since the little bottles were only $2
You know I wish I had more costumes like this that just require a special shirt, a couple of dodads and then it’s done. It seems like nearly all the stuff I do require full garment sewing.





Bonus: Pearl Mackie herself has seen it and liked it.



Worn at: Wholanta 2017, DragonCon 2017


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