Battlestar Galactica


Battlestar was exciting and it had plenty of women in it for once.








Notes on construction:
Bought it but had to modify.
I am usually so not into that but there are exceptions. Uniforms in a group is one of those exceptions. We were going to have a group shoot at Megacon that year and everyone was trying to buy from the same place so we would look alike. Although even then it wasn’t just put it on and go on out. The buttons were not accurate. So we managed to get a small lot of the official ones which were still the wrong color. So I sanded them and repainted each of them and replaced all of the ones on the costume. I took both of our jackets in so they fit properly. Then I replaced all the normal belt loops for the way they are in the show and replaced the belt. Had to fix the cuffs too cause they were too big.
Underneath are the proper tanktops from Walmart and we even eventually got dog tags to wear.




I still hate Baltar.



Worn at: Megacon 2007, DragonCon 2007


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