Anthy Himemiya


So it’s 1999 and I am into anime. I had just started to cosplay a couple years before. I had cosplayed Sailor Moon but honestly I wanted to resemble someone better. What happened next was basically kismet.
A group of college friends and I were hitting up the comic store a town over. I was browsing their figurine section and I picked up a pink haired figure with a uniform on. I turned it over and saw a brown girl on the back staring RIGHT at me. I looked my friends right in the eye and said, “I don’t know who this is but I am cosplaying that.”
Thankfully I enjoyed Utena very much.












Notes on construction:
Mom. This was nearly all my mom. She was teaching me how to sew and at this point we were at the ‘choosing fabrics’ stage. She took me to the fabric store and taught me what works and what doesn’t. When I came home from college two weeks later it was done. The only thing I sewed was the neckerchief holder cause she forgot.
I learned to roll up my hair in the sideways French roll (it took nearly an hour and a lot of bobby pins) because wigs then only came in bright as %$^& colors and Anthy has brown hair in several pieces of art so I rolled with that. The glasses were a dollar store find that I popped the lenses out of. I already owned the socks and loafers.




I met Chiho Saito (creator) and the Kunihiko Ikuhara (director) of Utena at AZ one year. Ikuhara said to me in English “You are very pretty.” I was over the moon. We gave them our roses and took a picture with them.
Only one other costume I have was received as warmly as this one (Zoe). It was quite something being the only brown person at entire cons for a few years. Actual brown Anthy? People were all over that.



Worn at: AWA 1999, AZ 2000, AZ 2001, Akon 2001, AFO 2002


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