Angelina Johnson Quidditch Jacket


If you knew me in high school then you’d know I had what was practically a love affair with letter jackets. When I got my own (lettered in Band, Basketball, and Track) I wore everywhere. Years later it got me thinking that the kids at Hogwarts might have letter jackets for their sport.
It makes a very comfy costume that packs away small. I actually use it as a regular jacket to this day. I like it cause it’s subtle enough that only fellow fans really notice it.






Notes on construction:
I was going to make the hoodie from scratch when I happened upon a perfect one in Marshall’s. I took it apart and started adding the lines and began to design the back in photoshop to match the fonts the movie used. Just as I was about to cut out the letters I realized my machine back then was not equipped with a variable zig zag stitch which means I couldn’t satin stitch anything on. So I put the stripes, school patch, and griffon zipper pull on it and then took it down the street to a tailor so they could put the letters on for me.







Worn at: FX 2005, Megacon 2006, DragonCon 2013, and probably other places I don’t remember.


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