African Kimono


I saw a fashion show that crossed over African and Japanese fashion. The moment I laid eyes on it I knew it was something I wanted to try. It’s a perfect blend of what I am and what my interests are.










Notes on construction:
This had a rocky start. I looked for weeks for a suitable African fabric. When I finally found one I liked it sold out. I contacted the seller and they went on the hunt for more. A couple weeks later they found some and messaged me.
When it arrived, another hurdle…the pattern was the wrong direction! I should have noticed that. So I did a whole lotta 5th grade math and worked out that I could stack the fabric on itself to change the direction of the stripe. After that it was a matter of sewing it together. And since I’ve made 4 other kimonos that was the easy part.

I couldn’t find a good print for the obi so I took some rustic fabric I already had and added some decorative stitching to bring it closer to the theme. The obi clasp and hair ornaments were easy to make. I purchased some flowers from WalMart and looped some trim behind them and then added some wooden beads I’ve had forever.

I plan on embroidering something on the back loop of the obi. I haven’t decided yet but I think I would like grasslands and a baobab tree or maybe some animals drinking from a water hole.





Bonus: Kimono aficionados immediately recognized what was going on with the theme and pointed out coolness of using the African fabric. Strangely enough Dragoncon attendees liked it even more. Totally did not expect that.




Worn at: MomoCon 2016, DragonCon 2016, JapanFest 2016


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