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Some basic stuff:

I was born on the 99th day of the year.

I sew, I have been for 21 years. It’s one of the most frustrating and rewarding hobbies. I want things to turn out perfect every time, hence the frustration. But when you wear something that was just a rectangle of cloth before, the reward far outweighs the stress.

I’m also quite adept at a number of techy things like photoshop & web design and I dabble in photography when I can. Mostly because I was quite tired of getting back crappy photos of myself.  😀

I also like to cook and I love the idea of homesteading with canned goods and raising your own food. I hope I get to do it one day because I like gardening.

I’m super easygoing. You have to actually try to piss me off. I’ve got an average fuse but it’s really hard to light it. But once you do I remember how much you angered me for a LONG time. Just don’t wake me up early. You’ll regret it.♥

My parents are pretty awesome.

I am lazy and scatterbrained. I will have meant to do something only to forget my grand plans within a day.  I think I would be far better off if I ever had any drive to get things done.

I don’t like to spend money so that when it is time to spend money I can really let loose.

A short list of some fandoms we can talk about: Firefly, Sailor Moon, Utena, Devil May Cry, Harry Potter, anything geisha or kimono related, Katamari Damacy, Attack on Titan, Lord of the Rings, Regency England, Downton Abbey, Portal, Final Fantasy VI, VIII, IX, XV.

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  1. justinnodal says:

    Where can I get the boots you posted a pic of, Vergil’s brown boots.?


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