DragonCon 2016

Well then… it’s been so long I don’t even remember much in particular about this con. It was fun, I had my camera, and lots of friends were there.
But that’s pretty much every Dragoncon ever. 😀

My favorites include

  • Queen Elizabeth I – such detail
  • Con Freshener – he was actually pine scented!
  • Our Lady of the Perpetual Carpet – funny and inventive
  • DAT Missandei – she was lovely
  • Sakizou – cause I know you spent a lot of time on that
  • Any Lance cosplay I saw – cause I love him

Please enjoy these 350+ photos.
As always if you are in it, take it. Credit would be nice. Feel free to edit your photos too. Cause these are very point and click on the floor unless I changed to a 50mm lens for portraits.

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