The Importance of Iron

So I’ve probably had 3 irons in my entire life. My parents’, the one I moved into a dorm and later an apartment with, and a standard one that I got cause it turned off after a few minutes.

These days it’s tempting to not even own one as a lot of clothing doesn’t require it anymore. But if you craft at all an iron is essential to doing it well.

After hemming and hawing over my iron dribbling water occasionally and being utterly terrified it would stain something I was working on with a watermark or worse I decided to shop for an iron. But what does one look for in such a mundane appliance? I started with what I didn’t want:
No water dribbles, no sticking, no staying on forever, no blunt edges that couldn’t get in tight corners. But I also wanted lots of even AF steam, big water tank, heavy so it will press down for me.
I started my search in stores but found standard household stuff. Pretty, clean, normal use that all my old irons were. On a lark I thought to just check online for what people liked. That is how I found THIS…

CHI iron box
It’s super hot, super steamy, and ready to hear from you.

Look at this beauty from Amazon. It was around $50 which is pricey when lots of irons top out at $25. But I took the plunge anyways knowing I could return it. So I popped this baby open and WHOA look at all those steam holes. There are 300+ of them.

The sole plate is titanium coated to keep it from sticking and staining stuff but you do have to keep it away from metal zippers/buttons that might scratch it.

Next I wanted to see the kind of heat this thing can put out. Well it has no problems there. It heats up like a flash inside of 45 secs and it’s smooth over fabric thanks to that soleplate. But then there was the steam and holy crap…the steam.

The steam blocks out the camera!!!

I am very pleased with my purchase 7 months in. It’s been making my sewing easier to handle and less stressful since I know it’s not actively trying to drip on my clothes or stain something. If you want this model you can find it on Amazon HERE. I’m not an affiliate so I’m not trying to get your money or anything. It’s just a damn good iron.

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