Momocon Life University Photoshoot 2015

Yup…here they are.
About 20 images from the finish line of editing 300+ photos I had a hard drive wipe. Because of that I did not feel like coming back to these for a while.  Thankfully there was a back up on my Google drive. The edits are still there for some of them. Some of them were backed up raw. So this time, you’re all just gonna get what you get. 😀

You are more than welcomed to edit them to your liking. If you are in the photo please take it. Credit would be nice.

Again Life U is a lovely location for photos. It’s so rustic and the lighting is so varied and interesting. I very much enjoy shooting there. Because of the wipe this isn’t a great showcase of my usual work and even then, because of the location, it still looks pretty decent.


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