Osaka Swag

As you may know if you follow me on Twitter I went to Japan last month.  There is much I want to say on the subject that I will save for another post. The easiest thing to do first is a swag check. This will be the non-Sailor Moon items post as I want to go into detail about those…

It’s typical for Japanese travelers to bring back souvenirs for family and co-workers when they travel anywhere. Being that this was a special dream trip I also wanted to follow that tradition with picking up as much as my budget would allow. I also knew I wanted to keep an eye out for strange kitkats & beauty products.

Each item I got stayed on the couch as I acquired them throughout the week

Yay I got it all to fit in the spare suitcase.

Without further ado. Swag!
~ with commentary if you click on it~

That’s almost everything. I know I left a few things out like my Yuri On Ice coin purse I got out of necessity because there are SO MANY coins in Japan, some foaming face wash, a dog toy, and a couple sweets that I forgot to photograph before I gave them away.

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