Coffee time onesie

Finished up another onesie a little bit ago and just now took some pics.  My love of a good cup of coffee is all over this one. I went in for the Black Friday fleece sale and got the fabric at 70% off so this was nice and affordable. Materials came to something just over $20 for both fabrics and zipper. An excellent deal to have my garments actually cover my long arms and legs properly.
This time I tried out a permanently attached flat hood with trim. The leopard print one I made has a detachable one. I wanted to see if I would like a hood that will keep my neck and head warm. I totally do!



This should be my last one as now I have a collection of 3 which is enough to rotate out for the winter. I like to wear a shirt and shorts under them so they can be worn a couple times between washings.

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