Refurbished : Skirt

I’ve been cleaning out my closet hardcore. If I am not in love with an item it goes.
I’ve also been watching a lot of upcycling and modification sewing on youtube.

Usually I am stifled by always trying to cut things perfectly, iron them perfectly, measure them perfectly. And that has been a stumbling block to me just doing things. I would get weighed down by all the steps it would take to do it perfectly.

Not anymore.

I’ve seen some ramshackle sewing turn out beautifully. It’s time to just DO.

First of these JUST DO projects is this dress. I’ve had it 7-8 years and probably worn it twice. I bought it in a try to be more interesting with my clothing and honestly it was too low cut and too short on my tall frame.


I hacked that bodice right off, took another two inches off the top to make a waistband. Regathered the skirt portion, interfaced the floppy waistband fabric cause it was thin. Then I did something I hadn’t tried before…a partial elastic waistband.

I thought about full elastic for comfort but that just looks bunchy. I thought about a full smooth waist but that wouldn’t be comfortable. So I took the plunge and made it up as I went. I looked at a youtube vid to make sure I wasn’t about to do something really stupid and it confirmed it was fine. It actually wasn’t hard and it looks pretty nice despite my run and gun approach to this.

I dug a button out of my stash, attached the waistband, made a button hole and BAM. New skirt I’ll actually wear.



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