If you know me then you know how cold natured I am. Winter is basically a fight between my hands and my feet for which one feels more like a lump of ice. I just have the hardest time holding on to body heat and it makes me kinda miserable for the duration of the winter chill.

Recently I have started fighting back by just wrapping myself up in as many layers as I can and then creating a giant robe of legend which is double layered in fleece and fur. I also have a pair of USB heated slippers. I was warmer but wrapping up impeded my movement and I would end up huddled around my chair or desk not moving at all and thus not getting anything done.

Enter the onesie.
Now I had a 2 piece footie PJ set my parents gave me years and years ago. I liked it but ever the contrary my feet would love it at first and then sweat from being confined. It’s like I couldn’t win. I had wanted a footless onesie for years just for the fun of having kiddie PJs again. But now I wanted one for potential body heat saving properties. Problem is where would I find one to fit my 6’0″ frame. Anytime I attempt to buy a body fitting item it comes up short on the length somewhere. I didn’t want to get all excited for a onesie only to have it not cover me properly and thus negate any warmth it might give me.

I thought of sewing one but wasn’t looking forward to that process. Then, Coolirpa, seamstress I follow on youtube happened to have a onesie tutorial that was stupid simple. CraftyAmy also had one that followed a lot of the same steps but hers was footless. I took the two of theirs and smushed them together to make what I wanted.

Lo and behold JoAnn Fabric was doing a a Black Friday sale which I skipped the first day of because I actually hate BF with a passion. I hit up the 2nd day because Fleece was a wonderful 75% OFF. Wham bam and I have 3 yds for $9 bucks and some change.

I did as they did and used our clothing as a pattern. I went ahead and transferred my pattern to paper because I knew I would be using it again.

In progress:

It worked. It actually flippin worked. As it was coming together I was just floored that it was working out. I went ahead and finished all my edges to make sure they last a good long while. I finished Peter’s first and tried it on. It was evident this was a winner. I couldn’t wait to finish mine. When I was done we used them for our annual Nog Day Holiday photo.


As you can see I went on to make one more out of some leopard fabric I had in my stash. I added a tail, ears, and hood this time and lined it in more material from my stash. The hood and tail are detachable for normal wear. I think I’ll be wearing this to cons for late night shenanigans so I am comfortable but cute.

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