2015 Sewing and Projects

I like to do a quick retrospective on the past year’s projects. Mostly it’s to remind myself that I’m productive. If left to my memory’s mercy I might remember two items I made and feel bad I don’t produce more.

But this isn’t even everything I made. I repaired things that are not counted in this list. So that’s pretty nice to know. Below is a list of everything to explain.


  1. New cover for my well used ironing board
  2. The Royal Robe
  3. Care package for French friend
  4. 12 Flower arrangements
  5. Setsuna Meiou cosplay
  6. Lavender heated pillow, lavender soap, and chocolate for Mother’s day
  7. Curtains for the office
  8. Riding Coat with blouse
  9. Finger knitting
  10. Circle Skirt
  11. Onesie Pajamas

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