Cooking Up a Storm

For some reason I’ve been cooking up things I haven’t tried before. Maybe I’m feeling adventerous or bored or maybe all these TASTY vids that people post on facebook have peaked my interest cause they look fun.

Here are some recipes I have tried lately.

CKPNUqPVAAAGUngHamburg Steak– This is a cooking with dog recipe. I have tried it twice and each time it was pretty good. Not excellent, but very hearty and still tasty.

CI4Le0aVAAUcO59Vanilla Mug Cake – How excellent would it be to have a slice of cake without having to make the whole thing? Sadly though I haven’t found a recipe that taste good and this one was no exception. They always taste off no matter how religiously you measure everything. This one tasted salty and kinda fake even though everything I used was quality stuff. Skip this one.


Chicken Bacon Cheddar Wraps – my college campus hang out had delicious grilled wraps. This was my effort to recreate that though I barely remember what made them so good. But it’s basically baked rosemary chicken, avocado, bacon, tomato, sharp cheddar, ranch dressing wrapped in a flour tortilla and browned in a hot dry skillet.
I highly recommend these.



One Pot Tomato Pasta – I got this one from Yoyomax12 who got it from Martha Stewart. This one is a must try. It’s pretty darn perfect and if you are trying to cut down on your meat consumption it’s even better.  It’s super simple and quick. Only takes about 20 mins from prep to eat.


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