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It’s been a while so this review is going to have some fuzzy memories.


So I made it in under the wire to watch the 2nd half. I was out of town and made it just in time for the last screening day. I would have wrote of my thoughts soon after but they did the thing where they kill off your favorite. Killing off my favorite really kills my mojo for a film. I’m looking at you Serenity and Joss Whedon.

Really.... couldn't save him?

Really…. couldn’t save him?


So we get some flashback. Eren’s daddy is probably in the basement from the anime. Eren is injected with some mysterious stuff when they are interrupted by police who then burn the place to a crisp while Eren is whisked away.
We pick up to present day with Eren bound and gagged while he is questioned by the military police. Despite Armin’s speech things go tits up really quickly for him and just as he’s about to bite it via bullets he is “rescued” by a mystery titan who scoops him up and leaves the police in ruins.  Hanji is now the highest ranking and is determined to follow the plan to seal up the wall.
Eren wakes up in a white room and Levi replacement comes out to tell us all about titans. He’s seriously Mr.Exposition at this point. He drops a huge load of plot all on one go and honestly it’s a bit stifling. On the bright side all that info at once lets the viewer react with as much wtf as Eren has. Also Levi replacement has a plan to fix it all and Eren goes along with it without questioning what the plan is.
Meanwhile Hanji and company are in route to that bomb we saw Eren stand on in the first movie. Levi replacement shows up and declares a batshit crazy plan that makes little sense. He beats the bajeezus out of Eren when Eren disagrees. Team Hanji escapes with Reiner replacement’s sacrifice.
Guess what folks…Levi replacement survived. He’s the armored titan.  He and Eren have a fight while everyone else tries to get that bomb to the wall.
Guess what folks part 2…crazy military police guy is the colossal titan.  He wants people staying the the wall to rule them.
Levi replacement finally decides there has been enough of “rules and walls” and shoves that bomb right where it belongs.
Our heros (minus Jean cause Hanji couldn’t have fired that RPG 5 seconds sooner to save him) look on into the distance at the ocean and the land that was once our world.


End credits

OK that was the plotty plot for you.

Holy crap the betrayals were a nice change up. Also I don’t think Eren’s dad’s full experiment situation was out in the manga yet so it was nice to get a little of that revealed in this movie. I shouldn’t say a little. It really spelled out what I think will be close to what is going on in the manga. So if you are itching for Iseyama to get on with it then the movie will probably give you some relief.

Characterizations were still solid. I especially liked the interactions with Sasha and Mikasa. They had a nice moment that gave us a break from the dire plot.  Meanwhile I think they had to speed up the confrontations between factions to a bit of a breakneck speed. SnK is a slow burn on the politics & factoids leaving us wondering who is up to what and why. The movie doesn’t have time so we don’t get that pleasure.

World still feels bleak. Effects are still pretty nice. I’d say it was enjoyable. Certainly worth renting and watching with a couple of friends who like the series.

Incidentally JEM came out that week too. We had more people in the SnK theater than the JEM one did.

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