Photo Trick: Glowy Bokeh

Probably a few years ago I got oil on my camera lens. I went to take a photo of a person and it was blurry and looked bad. I wiped my lens off and took the pic again.

A little while after that I got into photography and got oil on my camera phone again (I’m oily. I just am. Keeps wrinkles away though.) turned it towards the light and saw a pretty striated light patterns. I loved this look in photographs. I was so into glowy & dewy before I liked photography so this was right up my ally.

Anyways, here are some tips on getting the look.

  • Take your photo normally. You need to know if your photo camera is good enough to capture a good image. If you know that it can skip this step.
  • Touch your lens to something greasy. In my case my nose is good but if you are wearing a ton of make up that might not work for you. Touching your finger to your scalp might work or something similar. You don’t need much. Just the slightest bit is enough.
  • Take your photo again.
  • It probably looks blurry. If so there is too much oil. Swipe your finger across it gently and remove some.
  • Depending on which direction you swipe will determine the direction of the light flare.  If you just touch it without a swipe you get an X effect where the light criss crosses.
  • Keep trying until you get the look you want. It took me three swipes till I got the photo below.
  • NEVER DO THIS WITH YOUR REAL CAMERA. Real camera lenses are never meant to come in contact with oil. Phone cameras are. They are far more sturdy because of the rough handling they get as a phone.

First here is our standard photo. It’s my annual hearth photo.

Touched my nose to the lens and swiped it a couple times and then touched it.12391099_10205519474408626_7250283207271316232_n

The first swipe looked like this


Just a fun little guerrilla photography tip. Use it well!

Oh and clean your lens off after.

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