Domestic as #&*@

Sometimes you just hit a stride and get 324975 things done.

In the past couple of weeks:

  • Cleared the muck out of the side garden
  • Replaced the broken porch light fixture
  • Replaced the busted screen door with a beautiful storm door
  • Brined a 22lb turkey
  • Cleaned the rain gutters

Then avoiding the Black Friday madness I went shopping for 75% off fleece on Saturday. My sister had mentioned onesies during Thanksgiving and that reminded me I very much meant to make some years ago.  Prices were so cheap I got enough to make Peter one too. More on those in another post. Also picked up two yards of a silky print fabric I had my eye on for a couple of years because it was almost gone and it was 60% off.

Well first thing I did was finally make my first circle skirt! I had a length of W I D E elastic left over for the last 2 years from a project and had been meaning to use it on a skirt.
Followed along with a circle skirt tutorial on Made Everyday.


Then boom, like an hour later it was done.


I love the print and how you can pair black, red, pink, or gray with it. I did a fun stitch on the hem and it turns out the double fold and weight of the thread has a bit of a horsehair braid effect.
It was such an easy sewing job for what you get that I plan to make at least two more.

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