Epic Rap Battles Tour

Then there was that time we met Epic Lloyd and Nice Peter…

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That’s right, ERB goes on tour. Months ago Peter bought tickets and so right after DragonCon we had even more fun.
James, Rosie, and Erin got there first and they actually met EpicLloyd’s dad and NicePeter complimented Erin’s choice of cat ears. Wait until you see how close we were to the stage.

Opening act were the Jackpot Golden Boys who were pretty entertaining. They had some funny audience participation with their Volcano dance.


And then… it was time.

EL and NP came out spitting hot fire like you knew they would. Then they invited audience members to join them on stage to do raps with them. They also had people do the announcement part. James did one and Nice Peter knew he was going to be loud. James didn’t even need the mic.

After all that both bands were kind enough to personally greet each of us that stuck around. Erin even shared a moment with Peter as they talked about their cats.
As we drove home we had been singing along so hard out throats were raw so FROSTIES were had. Come to find out James and crew had stopped for some on the way home too.

A good night. If you ever get the chance to see them, go. You’ll have a great time.

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