Office Decor: Curtains

We’ve been working on the office: Wood floors, new paint, new desk, new lighting.

I finally got around to making new curtains. The house came with some very 90s bad white lace curtains that really didn’t match the deep red and brown the office has now. Peter is also light sensitive so anything new would have to be a dark curtain.

The brown taffeta fabric was found on sale and matched the chair rail color. The sash fabric is from my stash. The red damask fabric is from my Ohco’s stash. I love using stuff from the stash.  These will be our fall/winter curtains. In the spring I’ll make something lighter.  I also want to replace those meh blinds but one thing at a time….

Super flash!

With ties

The usual lighting in this roomIMG_6588sm

Simple panel – look at that pretty design IMG_6583sm

The tiesIMG_6594

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