Gen Con 2015

What the frick? How did I forget to post about Gencon? I even got the photos all ready for post and then didn’t. What kinda fan am I? Also why is this turning into a photo blog?

Anyways long story short I got asked to be food marm to the Artemis crew. What a learning experience that was.  But it was also a fun trip. Before everything got started I visited the war memorial spire in town and somehow survived the 330 stair climb. The Civil War memorial under it was pretty dang cool. Very refreshing from the war museums we have in the south that still skirt around possibly being in the right. But I digress…

Man this con is HARD CORE gaming. People park their butts in seats and don’t leave for hours. Also the con goes on forever. I walked everywhere and there was just more con. I was busy a lot of the day but I did manage to catch later hours to stroll and take pictures. It isn’t a cosplay dense con but if you want to game….holy crap.
Also met Ejen from Cosplay in America and the folks from Zombie Orpheus.

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